The Seal Breakers

TaGee Fontaine

My name is Tamik Gallishaw , better known as my stage name TaGee Fontaine. I’m currently

still a high school student (unfortunately) but at 17 you don’t have much say over that kind of

stuff. If I had to explain my sound in a few words I’d say Fresh , Trailblazing , and Relative in a

sense that people can make what they want of it. I don’t feel like you can’t box art or attempt to

explain it in a few words. If you were to look into the music on my iPhone the 5 artist you would

hear are Drake , Ariana Grande , Kendrick Lamar , A pop boy band that you probably wouldn’t

expect to see and The Seal Breakers. I have a love for all genres of music and embrace all

generations of music. If I could open for any artist on tour I would definitely open for Drake.

Mainly because of the diversity of his audience , I believe that id be able to gain a fan or too.

Plus I know he has ridiculous amounts of females in the crowd and TaGee love the ladies. When

I’m not writing , recording or perform I tend to creep and blow up celebrities news feeds on

Twitter ; it’s actually quite hilarious when you get blocked by your favorite artist… It makes you

feel noticed. Other than that I just like to do typical teenage things , I enjoy the opportunity to do

those things when I can. When creating music I draw inspiration from other artist. Whether it be

Shakespeare , my celebrity crushes ( plural) or a piece of visual art. The concept of our debut

album is life as we know it and anything I write will always be my perspective on life or I’ll

write for those who have no voice but I know that they’d appreciate the fact that someone

acknowledged their situation or story. My motto I live by is a quote by Martin Luther King

which states that “isn’t something in life you’d die for then life isn’t worth living”. I feel like with

music I’ve found a passion that id give my life to excel at , it gives my life purpose. 10 years

down the line I want to be RELEVANT . I want to be a voice for my generation and I can grow

as an artist and young man as my peers grow, that’s the best type of relationship to have as an

artist. Hopefully I can win my fair share of Grammy with my TSB family , I’ve always viewed

that as the “ultimate goal” for an artist . I just have to stay true to God and my art.

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